The Women of Madagascar

Our ethical partnership with

the women of Madagascar

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Eulalie, our partner in Madagascar, is passionate about working with and helping women's groups in the southern west region of Madagascar:

“In this region, female literacy levels are very low and there are no activities to help them to alleviate their poverty. Consequently, their lives are very challenging. The women were receiving support from a non-Government organisation, but it has since been stopped. Most of the women in this region were farmers, but everything changed when the sapphire mines emerged. It's now easier to get small amounts of money to ensure their daily needs – instead of farming crops seasonally or even annually.

My objective is to improve women's livelihoods and their literacy level by ensuring part of the benefit will be sent back to them - not in cash, but in buying tools for their workshop, providing training for these women, and purchasing books and pens for their kids.

On the way of elaborating this project we decided to enlarge it by selling all gemstones available in the island. We have also given an opportunity to a local disabled man Tahiry, to facet (cut) the stones. He is talented in faceting and he works closely with the women's group. He provided training to the women's group and he has also selected and faceted all gems before sending to Australia.

Our business provides a market for these women and a source of ethically produced stones, jewellery and silks. Thank you very much for your help and support!”

When you purchase one of our ethically sourced Malagasy stones, Eulalie receives her full retail price with no commission taken. We add a small margin (maximum 15%) on top of their price to cover our administrative fees. This ensures that she can provide as much benefit as possible back to her community and that her gemstone prices remain affordable in our market.

We thank Eulalie and this brave community of women for putting their trust in us, to be a part of growing their future.


Dr Lynda Lawson