At Amara gemstones...

We love everything about gemstones. We love the journey they’ve taken across continents to get to our office. We love the people who have played a part in their creation. From the artisanal miners who work tirelessly searching for rough gemstones and the small communities that support and rely on them. To the gem cutters who take that stone in its raw form, see the hidden beauty inside and use their skills to bring it out for the world to see.

At Amara we enjoy travelling across the world to find these stones and discover their stories, so that we can bring them home and share them with you.

We love that we are just the beginning of their story. You are in charge of writing the next chapter when you take home a unique treasure from Amara Gemstones. Whether your gem becomes the centrepiece to a stunning piece of jewellery, or part of your gemstone collection, you are now part of its fascinating history and journey through millions of years of existence.

And at Amara Gemstones, we love that most.

Your team at Amara Gemstones

Julia Morganite

Steve Morganite