What do I do with my gemstones?

Have you received gemstones as a gift through family inheritance? Perhaps you've been fossicking and found a few treasures?

One of the most common questions we are asked is: What do I do with my loose gemstones?

Keep them safe!

The first thing that we advise you do, is to put them somewhere safe! Until you know exactly what you have and how valuable it is, you should find a safe and secure place within your home to keep them. 

Find out their value

The next step is to contact a Jewellery Valuer to have the gemstones identified and valued. If you contact a Jewellery Valuer through the National Council of Jewellery Valuers in Australia, you will be receiving services from a qualified Gemmologist AND registered, fully-trained Valuer.

Please keep in mind that Gemmologists are trained to identify gemstones, not value them. Some may do so after years of experience in the industry. But the best place to get the services of someone who is both training in identifying gemstones AND understanding their unique financial value, is an NCJV Jewellery Valuer. 

We note that many insurance companies won't insure loose gemstones. So the next step might be important to you, if you find out you have a valuable stone. 

Contact your local Jeweller to create a custom-designed piece of jewellery

This is my favourite part of the process. A lot of Jewellers are happy to create custom-designed jewellery using your gemstone. Contact a few of your local jewellers and chat to them about jewellery designs and quotes for their work.

Remember that jewellery designing can be a time-consuming process. So once you choose a Jeweller, it is not unusual for them to ask for a deposit upfront to cover their anticipated workload. They may also have a lead time of quite a few weeks or even months. So, if the jewellery is for a special occasion, make sure you get in contact with plenty of time to spare before the big event. 

I don't want more jewellery

Not everyone wants to turn their gemstones into jewellery, and that's ok! There are lots of different display cases that you can buy to show off your lovely gemstone collection. You can sometimes find handmade wooden cases at local gem shows in Australia. Otherwise, online jewellery supply stores often stock display cases. 

Whichever path you choose, enjoy owning your stunning piece/s of nature!